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Human Rights Research

Human Rights Research - Research Guides
School of Human Rights Research
News for human rights research
The International Centre for Human Rights Research
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Human rights issues

List of rights Issues
Human Rights In Various Regions Global Issues
human rights issues around the world
human rights issues today

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Human rights resources

News for Human rights resources
Human Rights Resource Center
Human Rights Web Resources Page

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre
Human and Constitutional Rights Resource Page

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Cost of Medical Treatment

Cost of Medical Treatment in India, Medical Treatment & Surgery in India
How Much Will My Medical Treatment Cost
News for Cost of Medical Treatment
Treatment in India : Going to India for surgery and medical treatment
Cost of Medical Treatment heading skyward : International
Online free Article 5 by Gaurav Virk
Top International Nalanda University in India
nalanda international university
Indian Parliament Approves Nalanda International University Bill
Nalanda Intl University: A commendable initiative

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights | Amnesty International

What is the Universal Declaration on Human Rights?
United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Official UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights Home Page

Online free Article 7 by Gaurav Virk
Promote human rights
How to Promote  rights
Can globalization promote  rights
How does the Un promote  rights
Ways to promote  rights
What can I do to Promote  Rights?
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Right Education Act
Right to Education Act India
The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act
Right to Education Act - Ministry of HRD
Right To Education Bill 2010 Highlights

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Right To Information act
Right to Information Act (India)
right to information act application form
Online free Article 17 by Gaurav Virk
Human Rights Commission Punjab

Human Rights Commission
Human Rights Commission India

Online free Article 21 by G.S. Virk

Human rights Challenges

Human  Challenges for the New UN Secretary-General
Press Center |  Watch

Online free Article 22 by G.S. Virk

Human Rights Violations

Human  Violations Iraq

Human  Violations Afghanistan

Online free Article 23 by G.S. Virk

Human rights business

Institute human rights business
Business & Human Rights : UN Special Representative

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moral values of western civilization
moral values of Osama Bin Laden
without moral values

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