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 Online program to promote issues of law and reports on abuses of human rights in Denmark


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Abuse issues - right to information Reports on Human Rights in Denmark 
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 Online program to promote issues of law and reports on abuse of human rights in Denmark

Denmark general information report.
The total number of human living in the world  of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are about 6500 million  . Europe  have 48 states and population is about 710,million , of which human of  Denmark    are about  5.5 million   which require human rights protection.. Denmark    represent systems of government very broad Republic of Denmark  . Denmark   is the developed economy in Europe ..Denmark    general information report, it has State capital  Copenhagen   . Denmark  right report of basic language is  Danish  . Denmark  people Major religion report is:  Christianity  . Denmark    provide Education  free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages as committed in UN Charter of Human Rights, 1948. Denmark  provide Technical and professional University for higher education  equally accessible to all on merit ... Denmark  provide basic human rights for political stability. . Abuse of human rights of children and women are rarely reported  in Denmark.
  general information report is that : Denmark  rejected the euro as the national currency in a referendum in September 2000. Analysts believe that Denmark  fears of loss of political independence and national sovereignty outweighed any economic arguments about the benefits of joining the euro zone. . Denmark had to be granted opt-outs from these provisions before the treaty was approved in 1993. The Social Democrats led a string of coalition governments for most of the second half of the last century in a country generally known for its liberal traditions. Denmark is a healthy economy. Denmark employment levels are the envy of many industrialized countries and Denmark accommodates a competitive economic edge as well as a generous social security system. Denmark cinema has won international recognition, not least for its willingness to experiment.

Report online information based on U.S. Dept. reports on human rights, and online Amnesty reports on human rights and many local  rights Activists reports is that the Denmark  generally respected the human rights of its citizens, there has been violation of human rights in some areas. Security forces continue violation of human rights of prisoners and detainees. Prison and conditions of pretrial detention continued to violate human rights and remains poor. Violation of human rights by police corruption and impunity continues, and so are violations of human rights of women, children and minorities. Although some progress has been made towards the fight against trafficking in human beings, it remains a problem. Human rights of children to education and human rights of women to dignity as contained in the declaration of human rights are constantly violated by the police Denmark  itself. Human rights child, the rights of persons with disabilities, human rights and housing, employment rights, human rights for refugees, human trafficking are violated on several occasions and there is no control over it by the Denmark  and adequate redress system is not available. National and local media Online Human Rights  Reports report information available online is that the police use excessive force. Online Refugee Rights UN reports of the Agency continuing reports of grave violations of human rights of children, women, stateless persons and children seeking asylum in Denmark .Information report is that in violation of the declaration of human rights, the children continue to be used as store clerks, car washers, shoe shiners etc . Information reports of children in Denmark are trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor. Societal discrimination against minorities, especially Roma, continued , and a lack of equitable education, housing, and employment opportunities for Roma persisted as violation of human rights.To fight against the violation of human rights, Denmark  need more.  Reports of human rights activists indicate that economic greed of Denmark  is violating environmental human rights effecting the human rights of all  660 million human  being of world and human rights of future being and no serious check over it.

Right information report is that ,by now, the European Court of human rights was instituted as a permanent entity with full-time judges on 1 November 1998, replacing the then existing enforcement mechanisms, which included the European Commission of Human Rights created in 1954 and the European Court of Human Rights, which had been created in 1959. Since country is its member and has ratified it , Andorra people can seek relief against violation of human rights from it, following European Court of human rights  and procedure


Abuse issues - right to information Reports on Human Rights in Denmark
Online program to promote issues of law and reports on abuse of human rights in Denmark

Free Human rights  program online information report is designed to guide the children of their rights to play, rights  to be properly dressed, rights at the basic information report, rights basic health care and food. Human rights program online information report  is designed to guide you, you human rights to freedom from abuse and torture . Human rights  program online information report  is designed to guide you, you human rights to gender equality and racial equality, human rights have a family, human rights to have a home and its right availability information report, human rights to a nationality, human rights to go wherever you like , human rights to have information report etc. Online human rights to promote information report act: Promoting human rights and provides information report on issues of human rights of the man of the Denmark in Europe. Right information report of declaration of human rights: Right information report of Organization of Europe Unity: Right information report of Human Rights Conventions : Right information report of Optional Protocols for these Conventions: Right information report to invoke their human rights etc. Denmark people have right to have right information report of court of human rights ,list of human rights ,repeated violation of human rights ,history of human rights

Abuse issues - right to information Reports on Human Rights in Denmark.
 Online program to promote issues of law and reports on abuse of human rights in Denmark
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