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Gaurav Virk ~~ Web Site Planner ~~

I was moved to create the Human Rights Online. org, a non-commercial site some time ago, while preparing for Post Graduate Program in Human Rights from the Indian Institute of Human Rights, New Delhi. India. This Post Graduate Program in Human Rights is of great quality and require a thorough study of the purpose of human rights adopted by the Permanent Council of the United Nations and the principles, procedures and systems tailored to each individual member state, given its specific problems. These are the results on notes on human rights for free use of students preparing for various types of programs in different countries and for the use of NGOs and consultant on human rights .
Gaurav Virk is Post Graduate in computer application, so the design to web hosting is played by him. His business activities are not human rights but to provide consultations in computer application, web design, hosting and acting as web master at the Institute of repute. He is based in Chandigarh, India.

Gaurav Virk ,Thanks ~~
Thank you for visit.
Human-Rights-Online is the work of Gaurav Virk who is deeply concerned about the erosion of civil liberties all around world and here in India. The aim and purpose of human-rights-online is to alert you to the challenges of your rights. Provide useful guidance to those who care enough to want to do something to safeguard these rights and freedoms contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948. and now accepted by its 192 member countries of the Globe, almost all the peoples of the world
Thus, the human-rights-online, you can find information right organizations and individuals who do something effective to protect the rights of man and major topics to perform basic economic rights of people to know the school education basic higher education to university facilities available for tourism, hotel stays, etc, in all the 192 member countries of UN human rights. You can also find lists of other directories related to social security of your Life .
You can find consulting and free help match your needs, your interests and your skills and needs in the field of activism for human rights and basic economic and social rights for tourism, and freedom of expression and fair conditions of residence for foreign tourists in different member states. Your basic cultural rights to education and training etc..
You can also find out that the comprehensive review and reporting of violations of human rights, including cases of child abuse and discrimination against women under laws on human rights. All this must be substantiated with extensive documentation. Discover what effect your activities have on the erosion of civil rights and the disintegration of culture and the environment over the last 50 years, and what new rights, now ..

~~ Gaurav Virk ,Thanks ~~
Thank you for visit.
Human-Rights-Online. org specific non-profit objectives are: --

- Work to ensure that fundamental human rights are respected everywhere.
- To promote the role and the teaching of human rights.
- To better coordinate information on evidence of human rights that require physical verification/ witness around Chandigarh in North India for international organizations or NGOs reputation without charge on the basis of costs.
- To be a consultant on the issue of human rights to individuals in need without charge on the basis of costs.
- To help coordinate educational resources and training in the areas of human rights in different parts of the world in general and particularly in Northern India, Chandigah,
- To help spread of Tourism to to meet economic human rights of  people.
- To help spread of primary and higher education rights to all people of world


Having said all that, I'd love to hear your comments, and suggestions and area of consulting / help on Human Rights. Please use the contact form.


~~ Gaurav Virk ~~

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