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 Hotel accommodation in Argentina Human Rights info activists worldwide: Providing research info human rights activists worldwide in schools, universities, telephones, Hotel and Tourism Country wise


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Hotel accommodation in Argentina Human Rights info activists worldwide: Providing research info human rights activists worldwide in schools, universities, telephones, Hotel and Tourism Country wise
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Articles on Human Rights activists to Guide and Support it worldwide by Gaurav Virk

1 Human rights research - a Research Strategy to List of violence ,Courts and Declaration In Kenya 
 Know activists rights info worldwide : Human Rights activists Guide  into  law, courts and violence business in Kenya-a research study case

 2a: What are Human rights - secret strategy to identify issues and human rights violation
Know activists rights info worldwide:  A Strategy To Explain The Secret Of basic individual human rights and common violations worldwide.

Report 2 : Human rights - secret strategy to identify issues and human rights violations
Know activists rights info worldwide: What are human rights activists? Secret Strategy to guide into 8 important interpretation of human rights

Report 3: Human rights resources - secret strategy to identify resources related to human rights
Know activists rights info worldwide: A Strategy To guide into human rights activists resources- Membership, Adoption ,Charter, convention , protocol, signature , optional, Declaration , Ratification , filing etc

Report 4: Information on Cost medical treatment  in the United States and India
Know activists rights info worldwide worldwide: To guide on issues of business of medical treatment, pharmaceutical industry, medical insurance that cause violations of human rights.

Report 5 : Asia to Develop Top International University Nalanda Based Buddhism in India
Know activists rights info worldwide worldwide: In The Pursuit Of Happiness, promotion of human rights activists worldwide is required by promoting Top International University based on human values like University Nalanda- International university Buddhist

Report 6 What is the Declaration of Human Rights?-Know Activists Rights
Know Activists Rights:  What are human rights? Secret Strategy to guide into 30 basic universal declaration of human rights.

 Report 7: Promoting human rights- A strategy to promote the rights of ordinary people
Know Activists Rights: Guide on How much business of promoting human rights activists has been reached- What steps needs for promoting business of human rights activists in the world

Report 8 :  Know Activists Rights, The Right of Children To Free And Compulsory Education Act, India
Know activists Rights : What are children's rights education? Learn About Human Rights Education to children in India

Report 9  How To Exercise Your Right To Information From Authentic Public Offices in India
Know Activists Rights:  Public Offices  and Business Violates Human Rights – Secret Strategy to know your rights for information in India.

Report 10: Energy Future-What is Energy of shale Gas? India to Become a Hub of Shale Gas
Know Activists Rights for Energy Gas :  Energy Gas business that hurts human rights of common people

Report 11: Computer Futures - Right strategy to Let You Know Cloud Computing technology.
Know Activists: Which strategy computer technology could you recommend me ? How cloud computing change education in schools, universities, telephones, Hotel and Tourism in India?

Report 12: Latest-technology-in-computer-hardware-what-is-cheapest-$30-computer-of-India
Know Activists: How is latest computer hardware and internet technology changing the jobs in schools, universities, telephones, Hotel and Tourism in India?

 Report 13. Know Activists Rights: Secure Your Wealth – Invest in Gold is Craze of Millions People in India
Know Activists Rights for How much wealth in gold is hidden in India and What is the future of this wealth?

Report 14  Know Activists Rights- Real estate investment- strategy to provide information on India Estate Law
Know Activists Rights : Why real investment is best investment in India, despite  India estate law is in favor of Tenant

Report 15.Secret Ways to Share and Give, Gifts, Business Gifts and Corporate Gifts
 Writing and public speaking for  gift that touch your heart and reject unethical corporate gifts and business gifts.

!6. Education Jobs in computer application - Pass Indian National Eligibility Test
Know Activists worldwide: Teaching job in computers in schools, teaching jobs in the computer application in Indian universities and colleges in India are easily accessible. Pass Indian National Eligibility Test (NET).
Report 17.: Human Rights Commission - How and where to File Human Rights Complaints
What are human rights commissions in India and how formed? What are the powers and functions of the Human Rights Commission of the State and how it investigates complaints?

Report 18:  Mobile and Internet Technology - The future of 4G Mobile Internet in India
Know Activists :How recent awarding of 3G mobile telephony can change the mobile technology and the Internet in India in 2010?

Report 19: What is nanotechnology? Strategy for search of its future applications
Know Activists worldwide : Future applications of nanotechnology should tackle the many challenges to humanity.

Report 20:  ID Cards Biometric Identification Number for 1.2 Billion People of India and Challenges
Know Activists worldwide: What is the identification number for 1.2 billion people of India and its purpose and and information challenges?
Promotion worldwide 21: What Are Challenges of Human Rights to United Nation  outsource
Know Activists: Human rights council of United Nations have new challenges to protect human rights causes by environment pollution

Promoting worldwide 22: Human Rights Violations in Assessing Value of Housewife as Mother to Child outsource
Know Activists: Information on violations of human rights of Child and women worldwide

 Promoting worldwide 23: Advertising Business Violates Human Rights – Secret Strategy To Expose It  outsource
Know Activists: How is Advertising Business  and internet technology Violates Human Rights

 Know thinking 24 Western Civilization Has Denied Rights of Humble And Poor in Afghanistan and Iraq outsource
Know Activists: Who is super civilization ?. It gives importance to moral values on material wealth or the wealth of material on moral values ?

25: President Obama to visit Punjab Sikh shrine, the Golden Temple in Amritsar
Know Activists: President Obama visit to Golden Temple  are seen as a gesture of goodwill towards the Sikhs, who form a powerful economic and political community in the U.S

Know thinking 26: Do You Think Diamond Can Affect Your Health And Wealth? 
Know Activists: Why do you wear diamond ring? Is having large diamond represent prosperity or status symbol? Diamond can really damage your health and wealth? Many people in India think so.

Know thinking 27: Do you want to Invest in India? Who and how did investment in India?
Many large Investment Funds have become foreign institutional investors (FII) in emerging markets such as the Indian stock market

Know thinking-28-Role-of-play-superpower-is-running? Who will win role of next superpower?
Know Activists: No country can win role of superpower forever? Many people in the U.S. think they are still a superpower; a superpower position 2 or 3 is not acceptable.

Know thinking 29: How to Recession- US Common People And Social Organization in India to Take
Know Activists: Over the past two months, I am on social networks to make a comparative study with the US common people and social organization in India.

Know thinking 30 Baba Ramdev known for herbal medicines and yoga challenge for the rich corrupt
Know Activists: Who is Swami Ramdev, world renowned yoga and herbal medicine guru in India and now his new political party-Bharat Swabhiman who intend to contest all seats in the next election? Providing research into secret strategy of violations that violates commission rights of us common people

Know thinking 31: How to Make Love Last Forever? How to Obtain The Commitment of Love?
Truly loving relationship lasts a healthy lifestyle. Why some people are able to make commitments of true love and not others?

 Know thinking 32: What to eat meat and vegetation based foods have to do with your health?
What foods to eat that can make your health? Do you know why you eat meat or plants and foods made from plants? What does eating meat have to do with your weight? Providing research into secret strategy of violations that violates commission rights of us common people

Know violations 33: When Sexual Parts of Young Girls Are Exploited, is there any customs or crime?.
Know Activists: When the genital of young girls are exploited,  Can you imagine how painful is a young girl , while her clitoris and lips of the genitals are exploited by man of tribes?

Know violations 33: How can anyone start thinking remarriage after divorce? 
Media in India, said President Obama comes in November with a bold plan to move to the future of US-India relations

Article 34: President Obama comes for US India relations
Know Activists: How Can India Start Thinking Remarriage After Divorce? President Obama comes for US India relations ,

Know violations 35: Wikileaks Released Violations of Human Rights By Tthe United States
Know Activists worldwide: Wikileaks has released violations of human rights by the United States and its allies. providing research into secret strategy of violations that violates commission rights of us common people

Know violations 36: Six amazing super human rights activists who defend human rights for all
Know Activists: Six amazing super human rights activists who defend human rights for all in year 2010 are, Liu Xiaobo China, Milashina Elena Russia, Sussan Tahmasebi Iran, Hossam Bahgat Egypt and Julian Assange, Wikileaks

Article 37: Ratan Tata who created the cheapest car in the car world wonder Nano $ -2500
Obama said the first lady Michelle that is Ratan Tata who created the cheapest world wonder car  Nano $ -2500.

Know violations 38: Violation of human rights of indigenous peoples in the world
We are bombarded by television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, advertisements and all around the violation of human rights indigenous individual.

Know violations 39: Top Human Rights Activist is a Woman in Pakistan
Human rights activist is uncomfortable because it must deal with violations of human rights and the administration. providing research into secret strategy of violations that violates commission rights of us common people

Know violations 40: Hr-Human Rights in Iran is a Woman - Shirin Ebadi Uk
Super human rights activist in Iran is a woman - Shirin Ebadi who points violation of human rights in Iran.

Know violations 41: Watch Human rights and human trafficking
The abuse of human rights of 2.4 million people by human trafficking. Providing research into secret strategy of violations that violates commission rights of us common people

Know into-42 Facebook And Google Are Facing On The Development Of Software For User To Win
Google has emerged nearly 200 billion businesses, to analyze text data. But for the new products of Google, it is face to face with the completion facebook looking for talented software developer.

 43: India and China has no clear border demarcation of four thousand kilometers
India is set to welcome Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao during his visit to India in December, 2010

Strategic 44: The flavor of strategic high-level visitors to India to begin with Obama
The recession has changed the outlook of India in the world and high profile visitors began to visit India in 2010 to find solutions to their problems

Article 5a: Wikilleaks exposed Perception and misleading information of united states intelligence on the Indian Army.
Wikiland reveals many secret documents of the United States concluded that misleading information on the strengths of Indian Army; it created panic in the public mind of India

Regulation 45:Protocol violation by the U.S. Regulation is Unacceptable to India Government
After India Ambassador to the US Meera Shankar was patted down by an American security agent at  Airport in Mississippi, India spokesman said : Protocol violation by United States regulation is not acceptable to India.

 Google 46: I do not know, I played with Google's tools or leads on the Internet
Google has become an integral part of life routine for the study, earning and entrainment worldwide. gain instant imaging Earth app for online maps, locations, directions keyword, business, language tools, the weather downloader suggest webmaster's profile etc

Article: 47 Wiki leaks Mirror, Wikileaks Offline or Wikileaks Shut Down is News of Month
Wikileaks deserves protection from threats and attacks; it is the demand of the star reporter of newspaper article writer and internet hackers on the Internet

Article 48: U.S. Confirms Acceptance of Human Rights of Its Native Americans at the UN
UN Human Rights confirm that the United States supports the United Nations treaty outlining the rights of the world’s estimated 370 million indigenous peoples including in United States

 Article 49: I Wish You a Happy New Year and the Human Population to Come-Alien
We did everything - to make life hell for the human population to come (Alien) and wish them happy New Year on this planet.
Article 50: Consequences of Withdrawing or Continuing the War in Afghanistan
the withdrawal of the war in Afghanistan by the United States will bring more economic upheaval, social and political his people that the war in Afghanistan continues

Article 51:Next Decade is For the African Union - Opportunities in Its Development
African countries are faced with instability, corruption, violence,  poverty and food insecurity. African countries have been fueled primarily by natural resources and not manufacturing or agriculture, or jobs

Article 52: Ready for E-revolution of information technology, computer gadgets and Gian
Gian intend to become a reality in India. My master degree of information technology must be completed in 2011
Article 53:Western Europe and United States Power Lose the Global Economic Dominance
The global financial crisis has accelerated the shift of economic power to emerging economies

 Article 54: Indian Immigrant of Blue-Chip Company in the United States Moving to India
Indian immigrant entrepreneurs and universities in the United States are attracted by the economic boom in India and the limited number of visas available.
Article 55:
Renting a womb could soon become a completely legal Surrogacy industry in India
Renting a womb (Surrogacy) is a method of reproduction child whereby a woman agrees to become pregnant and deliver a child for a contracted party

Article 56: Outsourcing has Impacted Large Corporations to Small Businesses and Consumers.
Outsourcing has trickled down from big corporations to small businesses and and Consumers directly

Article 57: Beware of Health Hazards by Radiation from Your Mobile Phones and Towers
Mobiles pose a health risk, according to a study funded by the Indian government on radiation from mobile phones and mobile phone towers.

Article 58: NBC CEO outsourced to Mumbai controversial, why not outsource dietary habits Mubai
Dietary habits of 99% of I, 2 billion people in India eating home cooked food from fresh meat, cereals, legumes and vegetables.

Article 59: NBC CEO has outsourced to Mumbai controversial, now want to outsource in Tihar jail in India
NBC CEO has asked secretly its call center to get some expert outsourced, Mumbai for his son who could transform his license rashes, obesity
 Article 60: NBC CEO has outsourced to Mumbai controversial, so why not outsource Mumbai happiness
I want to share the secret of outsourcing Smith CEO of NBC TV in Mumbai and make fun of people without jobs they are better than people in India.

Article 61 NBC CEO has outsourced to Mumbai controversial , now want to outsource education India.
NBC CEO has asked secretly its call center Mumbai to get outsourced Indian Institute of Technology for computer degree for his son as he cannot pay high fees of American

Article 62 Outsourced Everything To Mumbai. So Why Not outsource Cheapest Car Nano Mumbai.
Major American automakers, including the General motors, Ford, and Chrysler and Toyota are offering substantial discounts on their cars
Article 63: NBC outsourced Mumbai. Lose Belly Fat - Lose Weight in Stomach Area Quickly
NBC CEO outsourced their call center Mumbai to lose weight in stomach area as quickly as possible

Article 64: NBC Mumbai call center outsourcing illegal immigrants, why not you
Hire low-cost services of illegal immigrants in the United States is a major consultancy business and has the support of many politician vote

Article 65: NBC outsourced Mumbai, the culture of democracy in America and India
The culture of American democracy and democracy in India do not understand and respect the culture of others, and do not support free trade between them.

Article 66: NBC's Controversial comedy American-Cow Dog and Indian culture Outsourced
Displays a controversial NBC comedy American women with the dog on his lap and cows wandering in the streets and began to outsourced work to the Indian culture.


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